Artist Bio

Howard Dyke uses imagery as motifs transcended through the physicality of the paint. Dyke repeats his motif over and over, but each time differently. Each painting, although related to all of the previous ones, exists on its own, considered as a new set of painterly problems to resolve. This is evident in the small and large variations between one and another, the way works made synchronously can be so far apart aesthetically and in even their subject matter; in this they may be compared with Albert Oehlen's practice. The works vary in size - most of the paintings are big paintings in the Neo Expressionist tradition, but they are rarely made in the same dimensions; the palette ranges from candy colours to hard metallics and neon's, cold greys and blues with small intense areas of vivid red, orange, lime; there are a range of materials and techniques used - some incorporate inkjet prints onto various fabrics, thickly and thinly over-painted in oil and gloss, some allow their patterned fabrics to emerge through the paint; other media include collaged images from magazines and brightly coloured tape. Accordingly, the imagery also transforms, veiled women become mountains, piles of ice cream, airplanes, a polar bear, 50s sci-fi figures in spacesuits, helmets and tubes echoed by or developed out of the real Hoover covered in paint. Textures change from soft fabric to hard and shininess, reflective surfaces, then become dripping paint again.

Stephanie Moran - Turps Banana, 2009

Solo Shows

2013 Vigo Gallery, Derring Street, London WC2
2013 Charlie Dutton Gallery, London WC1
2011 Charlie Dutton Gallery, London WC1
2009 Dance Of The Techno Polar Bear, Acme Project Space, London E2

Selected Group Shows

2015 Autocatalytic Future Games – No Format Gallery, Woolwich, London
2014 Derive - The Pace Downstairs - Canonbury, London
2013 I Did Did I, ASC Gallery, Blackfriars Road, London
2012 London 12, Prague City Gallery, Czech Republic
2012 Nue Froth Kunsthalle, Brighton, England
2011 Law Of The Jungle, Lehmann Maupin Gallery, New York
2010 Parrot Halva, Studio 1.1. London E2
2010 Hazard Perception, Charlie Dutton Gallery, WC1
2009 Plus 100, 122 Webber st, Southwark, London SE1
2009 With Or Without God, L13 Aquarium, Clerkenwell, London
2009 Hilo, Keith Talent gallery, Bethnal Green, London E2
2009 Drawings With Dolphins - Crimestown gallery, Stoke Newington, London N16
2009 Howard Dyke & Geraldine Swayne - Siege of 22 Calvert Avenue London EC1
2009 Marmite Painting prize, Studio 1.1 Gallery, Redchurch St, London E2
2009 Secrets’ postcard show R.C.A, Kensington Gore, London
2008 Fresh Air Machine, Calvert 22, London EC1
2008 Blitzkrieg Bop, Man & Eve, London SE11
2009 Sizzler, Redchurch St. London E2
2007 The Backlands, Vienna, Austria.
2007 The Juddykes, the Old Art shop, John Jones, London N4 Curated by Howard Dyke & Ben Judd
2006 Keith Talent Annual, Keith talent Gallery, London Fields E8
2005 This Show Is Ribbed For Her Pleasure, Cynthia Broan Gallery, West 29th St, New York


2008 Jessica Wilkes award – Acme bursary


2013 The Law of Surprise – Matthew Collings
2009 Turps Banana Issue 7 Nov 2009 – Essay by Stephanie Moran
2009 2009 Intimate Strangers – Art & Music Saatchi magazine